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“The Death and Life of the Great American School System”

I really like a lot of what President Obama has done for the US, but I have been sorely disappointed by his approach to education. Maybe it’s not his fault. Education “reform” is a political hot potato with a lot … Continue reading

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Teaching While Brown: Arizona outlaws English teachers with “heavy accents”

I don’t have a “WTF” category but I am considering creating one. Via Huffington Post

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Fundamental Flaws

The fundamental flaw with American educational policy is its “schools only” approach to addressing academic problems. It’s no secret that there’s a huge achievement gap in the US. Gaps in performance correlate most heavily with economic disparities. The “schools only” … Continue reading

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“Educators for Excellence” My Sweet Aunt Fanny

Educators 4 Excellence and the Fight Against “Last In, First Out” in New York “Educators 4 Excellence”  is a group of (presumably) younger teachers in New York who are lobbying against the practice of laying off teachers in the order … Continue reading

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